Hunter & Bloom was founded in Winter 2021.

A husband & wife business. A pair of Dubs moved to Cork to become Blow Ins forever more.

Meg’s Business, Thorn & Bloom was a COVID creation. Meg got tired of buying fresh flowers to cheer up the house, only to watch them die after a few days. That’s where dried flowers came in – they last much longer. Meg was a nurse originally but decided that wasn’t for her and started upcycling furniture. Eventually that creativity led her to Dried Flowers and she’s never looked back.

Sean’s Business, Hunter Treacy Tailors, came about after Seán & Meg were getting married in 2018 – Seán wanted to get a Made to Measure Suit but long story short, the company he went with in Dublin never delivered his suit and two weeks before the wedding (one week if you ask Meg) he had to go out and get an Off the Rack suit for the wedding. Seán didn’t want this happening to anyone else, took a few years to source the right Italian fabrics and companies to make the suits and his business has gone from strength to strength every since.