Genuine Leather Mens Briefcase & Laptop Bag – Dark Brown

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Genuine Leather Mens Briefcase & Laptop Bag

This leather briefcase is an absolute beauty from the Hunter Treacy collection. Its the perfect briefcase or Satchel, combining an adjustable fabric and leather shoulder strap with a functional top handle.

It remains true to all the features you know and love from a classic satchel design: large rear pocket, double front pockets and double buckle fastenings. This style also features a handy front pocket inside the bag for carrying smaller items that you need to find easily: keys, your phone, your wallet etc. This is the largest of all our classic satchels and is perfect for carrying A4 notebooks, files and even a laptop. Please note the colour of leather may be slightly different to the images as the leather will age and darken over time.

  • 100% Leather
  • Branded nickel hardware
  • Traditional buckle closures
  • Adjustable fabric & leather shoulder strap
  • Top handle
  • Dust Bag for storage and protection
  • Please note this is a genuine leather product and may have some natural marks/scratches

Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, pair your bag with a or wallet to keep organised.

Width 39cm
Height 29.5cm
Depth 9cm at base
Approx. Weight 1.8kg
Recommended Weight of Contents 2.5kg

Please read the full product description which forms part of the overall description.


1 in stock (can be backordered)


Your Manly Stuff Satchel is made from 100% natural cow leather and is a hard wearing product that will last if cared for in the correct way. We recommend that you take the following measures to get the most out of your satchel:

  • Please avoid using your satchel in heavy downpours. If the leather does get wet, please wipe off any water and allow it to dry naturally. Following this we would recommend that you apply a leather protection cream to help repel water and nourish the leather, however please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand.
  • Although leather is very durable, it is not indestructible. Exposure to extreme cold or heat and improper care or cleaning can crack and dry leather skin, remove finishes and colours.
  • If left in direct sunlight there is a chance the colour of your satchel may fade.
  • You may choose to care for your leather satchel as with other leather products using an appropriate protector. Please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand.
  • Your bag will age over time, please don’t panic as this is normal as it is a natural product. Ordinary Vaseline works well on minor scuffs and abrasions to buff your satchel.
  • Please be aware that highly coloured dyes in the leather may transfer across to lighter clothing and vice-versa – we cannot accept responsibility when this occurs.
  • Please note the colour of leather may be different to the images as the leather will age and darken over time.

Special Care is recommended on the following products;

  • Bridle Leather – The Bridle leather is soft and supple, with natural variations that will add character with age. Due to the natural characteristics of this leather, some colour transfer may occur. Therefore care should be taken when wearing against light coloured clothing. Exposure to rain and prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided. It is recommended that a Water Stop spray is used for added protection.
  • Blazer Leather – The Blazer leather is soft and supple with natural variations and creasing that will wear and character with age. It is recommended that a Water Stop spray is used for added protection.
  • Metallic Care – Due to the delicate nature of this metallic finish some surface finishing may be lost with time and abrasion. This cannot be re-applied. It is recommended that a suitable metallic protector is used for added protection.


Men have always relied on bags to carry around the personal possessions they need to be using. Some of our designs are classic and have a Retro look and feel about them.

We sell a wide range of men’s bags in leather. You will find among others the popular messenger shoulder bag, weekend bags,
leather backpacks, sports bags and more.


The way that leather is produced from cowhide requires tanning the hide, so that the way the leather is treated influences the way it should be maintained.


This kind of leather is often smoother and more uniform in appearance, thus does not require as much maintenance care.


This kind of leather offers a rougher, somewhat duller surface that shows off the natural grain defects. These bags really benefit from proper maintenance such as using special leather creams.



  • Penetrating spray especially conceived for leather is a great idea before using your bag for the first time.
  • You would be wise to forget about folk remedies using things around the house. Many of those cheaper solutions can stain or discolour the leather.
  • Never use detergents or chemicals either.
  • Leather briefcases don’t enjoy sunlight the way we do and excessive heat from radiators or stoves can also damage the leather.
  • Rougher surface leathers really benefit from a good application of leather fat and respond best to natural cleaning agents such as beeswax.
  • Dried out and desiccated leather can be freshened up with a coat of leather oil followed by a leather grease application to seal it in


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