Wool Pocket Square with Hand Rolled Edges – Wine & Cream

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Hunter Treacy Pocket Square – Luxury Wine & Cream Paisley Pocket Square

This beautiful rich wine & cream bordered paisley pocket square is on a classic paisley pattern designed by Hunter Treacy and made in Como, Italy. It’s a classic Italian style pocket square made by hand with hand-rolled edges (the sign of a quality product) and a fine quality wool. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your top pocket and add’s a touch of class to any outfit.

It’s a luxury product at a very fair price that comes in a black sleeve.

The rule of thumb is the hanky in your breast pocket is for her, and the one in your rear pocket for yourself. Maybe don’t blow your nose with these beauties though :)

  • 100% Wool
  • Hand Rolled
  • Designed in Ireland & Printed in Italy
  • 35cm x 35cm

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3 in stock


Luxury Wine Handmade Wool Pocket Square

Complete your look with a crisp handkerchief in the jacket pocket. With a shine that is accompanied with both woven and printed silk variants, the silk pocket square is the perfect addition to your formal ensemble if you are looking to elevate your dapper game. The silk pocket square has become a classic piece in every man’s wardrobe.

Luxury Pocket Square

Our new range of luxury pocket squares are exceptional quality and perfect for adding some luxury to your outfit. Our woolen options add a wonderful texture to your suit and really add some subtle details to your outfit. A classic accessory, add this to your Double Breasted blazer and you’ll be fit for anything.

A classic design for a classic man.

  • 100% Wool
  • Hand Cut
  • Hand Rolled
  • 30cm x 30cm
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Gift Boxed

How to Fold a Handkerchief: The Basic Fold

How to correctly fold and wear a Pocket Square

With the recent wonderful upsurge in Gentlemens attire, classic accessories such as this are making a comeback. No more is the breast pocket of a mans suit a place to hang a pair of sunnies or stuff some business cards.
We’re delighted! We at Manly Stuff always try to look our best, and are happiest when making you, our readers, look your best.
The following is a quick guide to three of the most popular pocket square folds  you really don?t need any more.

Handkerchief Guidelines

Dont leave your suit bare! A suit without a pocket square isnt a suit at all. Its a shell. An empty, sad, lonely shell.
You dont want that do you? No, we didn’t think so.
The addition of pocket square adds some panache to a good suit, you need to be careful mind, its easy to mess up.

Colour co-ordinating your pocket square

pocket square can be patterned or solid. If you?re wearing a crisp white shirt, a crisp white handkerchief will do the job 99% of the time, especially in a business environment.
A white linen option can go with any colour tie.
The general guideline is that the pocket square colour should complement some colour on your tie. If your tie has some red, a rock solid red handkerchief will look great.
Try to avoid matching colours or patterns exactly; it’ll look like you’re trying too hard. We dont want that.



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