Mens Trouser Braces/Suspenders – Pale Blue

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Mens Trouser Braces/Suspenders – Pale Blue

Men’s Trouser Braces are key for adding some sophistaction and a vintage vibe to any outfit. These are very high quality, comfortable and easy to use as they just pop in to your pants. An absolute must for the modern day dapper gent or if you’re not fond of belts!

  • These Mens braces are made with Quality strong spandex elasticated material needed to support you in everyday life. The Y shape design is very popular and gives you a sense of confidence without relying on a belt! 
  • Very strong and durable, great look with trousers or jeans for the formal or informal look.
  • The simple one size fits all approach with these braces makes them hugely versatile and easy to wear, whether you’re 5ft or 6ft 6″ tall you’ll find these work perfectly top suit your needs.
  • 3.5cm in width and 90cm in length. The material is very stretchy and the adjustable clips allow for ease of use and a wide range of size preference without compromising on comfort.
  • Because we don’t want to let you down, All our braces come with extra sturdy strong clasps.


10 in stock

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